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APEXEL 18X optical zoom telephoto telescope with phone holder clip tripod is perfect for birds searching, concert watching, golfing, hunting, climbing, fishing, attending sports events or just views enjoying!

18X zoom can adjust the focal well and give you a clearer and more colorful scenery. The telescope is able to be used as a monocular as well! Easy to focus as it can be folded to match the distance of your eyes.

APEXEL 18X is equipped with a tripod and phone clip. Portable and compact, it can be folded to match the distance of your eyes, suitable for both adults and kids! Metal case, tough and durable, heavy and stable does not allow any shaking.

The new design can effectively avoid the contortion of image, provides larger luminous flux, higher visual acuteness, good for color reduction – all that to secure the highest quality of photography!

Smart design allows focusing on longer distance when taking photo or video. Don’t forget about 360 degrees round vision! Macro lens allows taking photos of a tiny objects clearly in the smallest details. Innovative design, upgraded telescope lens, wide compatibility, long distance shoot – all this will offer you the best photography experience and perfect results!

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